Apr 19 2008

More from Revenge of the Flame on CNN attack

Located cn_Magistrate’s blog, the leader of Revenge of the Flame, here is a post from his blog on 18 April 2008:

As always, my thanks for everyone’s strong sense of nationalistic responsibility; once again, the Magistrate is grateful to everyone.

Today is 18 April, we are angry and we shall roar, the annoucement follows:

  1. Prior to 8:00 pm on 18 April 2008, we invite everyone on IS (ID number 12570496).  We will have an important matter to pass along.  (This part a little rough on xlation) Please note our compatriots will find a way online, obey directions that have been put in place.
  2. Tool download address, considering that there are many normal web users who do not have a high-degree of technical knowledge, we are providing idiot-type (really means for those who don’t know) tools for download. The download address: http://playgood.ys168.com/.  Everyone please pay attention to the group announcements.
  3. Everyone please remain disciplined, listen to the directions of each of the group managers.  Pay attention to your own words, deeds and essence.  We are all Chinese!

18 April 2008

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