Apr 11 2008

Chinese hackers…you will not like Joel Eriksson…nope, not one little bit

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Not sure if this is a controversial method or not but it is certainly better than a reactive posture in my opinion.

Mr. Eriksson is a security researcher at Bitsec who finds remotely-exploitable security holes in hacking software and then counter-attacks. He has even used it on Chinese hacker software:

Eriksson later turned the same techniques on a Chinese RAT known as PCShare (or PCClient), which hackers can buy for about 200 yuan.

PCClient is slightly better engineered than Bifrost, since it won’t accept a file uploaded to it, unless the hacker is using the file explorer tool.

But, Eriksson found, the software’s authors left a bug in the file explorer tool in the module that checks how long a download will take. That hole allowed him to upload an attack file the hacker hadn’t asked for, and even write it into the server’s autostart directory.

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  1. CyberPh34rAmaTorYon 08 Sep 2008 at 6:21 am

    Eriksson not the smartest match in the matchbox. Maybe if China would stop uploading their software to websites, instead, give it to people that they can trust.