Apr 12 2008

Chinese hackers calling on Skype

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Stalin once said, “Quantity has a quality all its own.” I’m often reminded of this when it comes to Chinese hackers and their exploits.

One of the complaints I often hear, if you want to call it a complaint, is that Chinese hacker attacks aren’t very high-tech. Ever see the movie The Sting with Paul Newman and Robert Redford? One of my favorites. The difference between their method (what you might consider a high-tech grift) for getting cash and being mugged at gunpoint (low-tech) is obviously worlds apart. However, I would argue that both are equally effective. Do you spend an enormous amount of time putting together an elaborate ruse or simply hit someone over the head? Chinese hackers, who must have taken mass marketing, chose the latter.

Enough people, attempts, and e-mails and you don’t need a tech-guru-wizard to get you through the door, people will just let you in. Pretty sure Joe wasn’t thinking about this type of quantity when he made his speach but my guess is that he would approve.

So what is all this incoherent rambling about?

Bunch of e-mails, Skype, phishing site, steal your data…blah, blah, blah. Sorry, too early on a Saturday and I have to cut the lawn, so I’m grumpy.

Over the past few weeks, Chinese hackers targeted Google Adwords account holders, sending out scam emails designed to look like messages directly from Google. The messages aimed to catch business people unawares and trick them into giving up their account information.

Today, the scam switched focus to Skype…

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