Apr 15 2008

Avatars and Virtual Reality and the US Military…Oh, My!

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Hat-tip: Vihn!

This comes out of the CRS Report for Congress, describing virtual reality
technology and its applications. While the whole thing is great, the policy section at the very end was what I wanted to share with you:

Policy Issues

Some experts expect that global commerce will come to rely heavily on VR. In a world where banking, transportation control, communications, and other global commerce are arguably conducted in VR, they question how the United States will defend its national assests if global VR standards are dominated by China, or if a majority of VR servers are physically located in and operated by China.

Right now, the U.S. military does training in VR. Some ask whether a day will come when the U.S. military might also conduct actual war fighting operations in VR to defend U.S. assests and national
security. Should research be funded to develop exploits specific to VR that can be used by DOD?

How does the U.S. communications infrastructure to support VR compare with that of China, or with
other countries? To what extent could VR help the intelligence community track possible terrorist
activity? How do the costs and benefits of VR compare to the cost and benefits for traditional military
training exercises? Have there been evaluations of VR effectiveness? What are the implications of the
expansion of this technology to other military activities?

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