Mar 08 2008

Tony from NYC…kingpin of Chinese hacker ring? Huh?

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Now this is a good article!

Police have rounded up 38 people accused of running a credit card fraud ring out of Queens for almost a decade. Officials say hackers in China and Ukraine have been breaking into the databases of major U.S. department stores, and then sending the credit card information of thousands of shoppers to the ringleader, Kwok Chow, 36, a Flushing resident known as “Tony.

Of course the hackers in China got off the hook but still, great job by the police! Also, that sort of implied link with hackers from the Ukraine is something to watch. I would say eventually, these groups will start forming a worldwide chain.

Yo, read it…Tony, Kingpin of Chinese Hackers

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  1. Consumer Advocateon 08 Mar 2008 at 7:25 pm

    Great Read! Consumer’s vulnerability to identity theft comes from the most benign sources.