Mar 02 2008

Jiangmin Anti-Virus Company will function as network emergency response group for 2008 Beijing Olympics

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From the company’s official statement, released on 22 Jan 08:

Jiangmin Science and Technology, the largest anti-virus company in the country, has been officially established as a network emergency response group for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. The group will answer to the Olympic Organizing committee, as well as the National Network Security Department.

There is a very good profile on the founder of the company, Wang Jiangmin, in the You need to go about halfway down the page before it starts, as this article profiles several prominent people:

He is a 57-year-old computer wizard who over the past 20 years has built an anti-virus software business, still wholly owned by himself and his wife, which has propelled him into the ranks of the super-rich.

If you met Wang in the street, you would see only a tall, gangling, nerdish-looking figure in a quilted jacket, who walks with a limp.

When I was shown into his unpretentious Beijing boardroom, strewn with stacked chairs and assorted debris, at first I mistook him for a bag-carrier for the company president.

Wang’s story is rags-to-riches. Crippled-with polio as a child, he was unable to attend regular school.

More on Wang Jiangmin

UPDATE (jumper):  From the People’s Daily (external propaganda) – Beijing to set up 24-hour anti-hacking department during Olympics”

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