Mar 30 2008

Chinese hacking, pornography, prostitution and…foot fetish

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 Legs and foot video from Zhang’s site (NO, I am not going to link where I found it!)

So going to regret this post, I’m sure.  Don’t even want to see the search hits that bring people to it.

The Public Security Bureau of Binzhou City, Shandong recently broke a case
involving use of the internet to disseminate obscene material; the chief suspect named Zhange was arrested.

Beginning in January, the bureau began receiving numerous reports about a pornography website. After receiving the reports, the bureau immediately opened an online investigation and found that the suspect Zhang had opened the “Foot Fetish Stocking Club” (that is as close as I can get for this translation). It was believed that the club was used as bait for prostitution. The website held over 20,000 obscene pictures.

On 20 Feb, suspect Zhang was arrested while in the act of disseminating pornographic information. Zhang confessed that he and others had used hacker methods to break into the Binzhou district ELEMENTARY SCHOOL server to setup the porn site.

Really can’t take any more of this post.

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  1. Teri Bidwellon 01 Apr 2008 at 8:14 pm

    I wouldn’t usually touch that post with a 10 foot pole (or russian or swede either) but I bite on a troll post (almost) every time, so I feel a sense of duty here.

    The masses should be informed, right? One man’s pr0n is another man’s “body art” baidu search:

    (said search results suggesting considerably more than a foot fetish, might I add) confirms they’re mostly in Beijing, too. hrm….
    and seemingly violating the chinese MII “what is pr0n” document I sent Heike last month.

    So I guess there’s no explanation why Zhang bit it and these hosting site owners didn’t….?…?

    Maybe Zhang’s biggest mistake was hacking an elementary school instead of picking up the phone and calling a certain Texas .cn web hosting site….wouldn’t be the first time I”ve seen a questionable .cn domain hosted inside US geographical borders.

    Makes me wonder, what is the legal ramification of such a thing? Any lawyers (or other folks) out there willing to comment?