Mar 27 2008

Chinese hackers would like to introduce you to Disk Wizard and the Mechanical Dog

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This seems to be one of the most popular articles currently floating around on Chinese hacker websites concerning the increasing resilience of new viruses and the virus industrial chain.  This will be extreme gist because I’m kinda pressed for time today:

  1.  Little Wu, expert gamer, depressed because all his virtual property is getting stolen
  2.  Little Wu isn’t alone, past couple of days all the online gamers have been worried about a new virus called the  Disk Wizard
  3.  Disk Wizard is considered 10 times more serious than last year’s king of viruses Panda Burning Incense
  4.  According to reports, Disk Wizard can prohibit the use of any anti-virus software
  5.  Disk Wizard can prevent the user from going into safe mode to remove the virus and from accessing their anti-virus webpage to request help
  6. CNCERT estimates the virus industrial chain earning 238 million YUAN a year and causing losses of 7.6 billion YUAN
  7. Reported that the author of Mechanical Dog made 100,000 YUAN a month, more than four times the amount of top programmers
  8. Engineer from Kingsoft said that Trojans such as Mechanical Dog and others were working together to deliver the viruses
  9. Disk Wizard is cable of downloading AV Terminator (Mechanical Dog)
  10. These types of Trojan download tools have become the most popular platforms for virus manufactures and also their most profitable
  11. Due to lack of oversight, it is becoming more common to see viruses for sale on the Internet
  12. Very easy to find malware for sale postings all over the place, use 
    QQ number to contact seller
  13. Estimates that by 2010 China’s online gaming industry will earn 30 billion YUAN
  14. CNNIC reports China already has 40 million online gamers, making up 20% on their online population
  15. Report claims that laws need to be clarified to go after virus manufactures, now it is only a misdemeanor

I really want to find a larger version of that chart at the top of the page, spent about 2 hours trying to locate it with no luck. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

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