Mar 23 2008

Chinese hackers and Tibet

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Chinese hackers have been targeting groups such as the free Tibet
movement and Fa1un GOng for years now. Since I have been away for the last couple of days, our good friend Greg was kind enough to send links to some very good information covering the attacks.

From Thomas Claburn at Information Week:

The attacks on mailing lists and online forums contain information related to recent events in Tibet and may appear to come from a trusted person or organization.

A shadow war against organizations supporting Tibetan protesters has erupted in cyberspace, mirroring efforts by Chinese authorities to quell unrest in the Tibet.
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A great article from our friend Maarten Van Horenbeeck:

There is lots of media coverage on the protests in Tibet. Something that lies under the surface, and rarely gets a blip in the press, are the various targeted cyber attacks that have been taking place against these various communities recently.

These attacks are not limited to various Tibetan NGOs and support groups. They have been reported dating back to 2002, and even somewhat before that, and have affected several other communities, including Falun Gong and the Uyghurs.

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Brian Krebs at the Washington Post (an excellent investigative reporter):

 Human rights and pro-democracy groups sympathetic to anti-China demonstrators in Tibet are being targeted by sophisticated cyber attacks designed to disrupt their work and steal information on their members and activities.

Alison Reynolds, director of the Tibet Support Network, said organizations affiliated with her group are receiving on average 20 e-mail virus attacks daily. Increasingly, she said, the contents of the messages suggest that someone on one or more of the member groups’ mailing lists has an e-mail account or computer that has already been compromised.

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I’ll be looking into this myself over the next couple of days to see if there is anything worth adding.

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