Mar 23 2008

Chinese hackers and the Year of the Rat

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Ran across this article in the South Asia Analysis Group and thought if true, it could make for some very interesting  times in the months ahead.  The author, B. Raman, is listed as “Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat. Govt. of India, New Delhi and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai.” It is put together in a rather unusual way and is not cited…so I debated posting it…but in the end, decided to leave it up to you as to its worth:

2. As I was browsing through various blogs, chat rooms etc, I came across the following write-up: “Today begins the year of the Rat, which not only ushers in the celebrated Chinese New Year, but restarts the entire twelve-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. ….Being the animal that kicks off the Zodiac cycle, the rat is associated with leadership and conquerors…..In life, rats are known for their suave personalities and charm. But get them in competition, they become smart, controlling, aggressive and calculative. Get in their face and it’s even worse. Rats can get quick-tempered, aggressive and even dangerous to others.”

3. There were many references to a new computer virus disseminated by Chinese hackers, which they had named “the Trojan Rat”. There were also references to a football team called “the Trojan Rats.”

4. There were also ominous (for the Chinese, if they had seen them) references to the Trojan Rats, which would keep the Chinese foxed and busy throughout the year of the Olympics. Many were planning to let loose Trojan Rats all over China as the Beijing Olympics approached and during the Olympics.

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