Mar 15 2008

Chinese hacker website…just painful

Normally, Chinese hacker websites have fantastic graphics…normally.
I bring you the site for three reasons:

  1.  It will actually induce a headache if you look at it too long, so that’s fun. Not sure what the “artist” was thinking using this color scheme.
  2. It is quite possible the site has every Trojan known to man; it is a virtual warehouse!
  3. The worst An unusual write up in the “About” section defending the marketing of said Trojans.

1st part is the headache portion. Remember the colors are more subdued in the screen shot, so imagine double the eye intensity when looking at the real thing:


2nd part, Trojans galore. Let’s say I want to target Japanese and South Korean online game players, no problem. A three-star rated Trojan, operates on Win9X/Win2000/WinXP/Win2003/, entirely in Chinese and the transaction QQ number is 34067…fabulous:


3rd part, this is not illegal! The “about” section of makes the following argument defending the marketing of online Trojans:

hacker013.JPG is based  in Fujian and has trained over 1000 people in
“network security.” The site has been training enthusiast in hacker security technology since it was established in September of 2004. They have never promoted attacking other sites, they just want their students to understand hacker attack and defense. Toward that lofty goal, the site will supply VIP students with the knowledge to break passwords, system invasion, network attack, security loopholes, scanning and Trojans.

Finally, they question the logic that teaching hacking technology is illegal.
Sure, if you actually use the skills they teach you to break into other systems that is illegal but just learning the skills not so much…

My favorite part:

Everyone knows that China has schools to teach firing (a gun) and martial arts, if the students from these schools used a gun to kill someone or fight, how would people view these schools? Is it the fault of the school or the instructor who taught these students to fire a gun or learn martial arts? They then go on to say sure, a small minority of these students that learn hacker skills will break the law but can you say that someone who studies hacker skills is evil, or the school that taught them?

True dat!

Rest easy knowing these guys are on the frontline, protecting you with their new found knowledge.

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