Feb 17 2008

The Six Golden Flowers…China’s Female Hackers

It is rare to find mention of the role women play in Chinese hacker society, so I was surprised to find a page dedicated to the “Six Golden Flowers.” The text written on the pictures gives a small history of their years in hacking but little else.






Digging a little further showed that in 2007, security media sources inside China named one of the members of the “Six Golden Flowers” as the most active and influential Chinese hacker in the country.

Another member of the group has received a great deal of press and even a video tribute…

First, we will start with Jiajia (佳佳), who used to have a site at http://jjgirl.yeah.net but is no longer active. Why the first picture I found of her had the eyes blanked out I will never know. Every other Chinese hacker website has the full picture.


Found one of Jiajia’s papers on database attack but I think she may be more
famous as a Chinese hacker heartthrob than anything else.  Someone has even gone to the trouble of making a video tribute to her set to music.

I’ll finish up with this post tomorrow with, “The Empress Dowager of Chinese Hackers.” You won’t want to miss that.

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  1. [...] She was a member of the Six Golden Flowers until they broke up.  The line underneath the picture at the top says: [...]

  2. [...] far as I am aware, the first group of female Chinese hackers to break this mold were the Six Golden Flowers. The Golden Flowers have since broken up and gone their separate ways, but a new and larger group [...]