Feb 24 2008

“Crouching Powerpoint, Hidden Trojan,” by Maarten Van Horenbeeck

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 I so wish I could steal that title from Maarten…

The really nice thing about having a blog is that you get to interact with people who are much smater than you; Jumper, Eastwood, 回声, Richard…you get the point.  Well, a new member of the “much smarter than me club” is Maarten Van Horenbeeck.  Maarten was nice enough to contact me and share some of his research on targeted attacks and information operations.  Maarten’s summary from his presentation at 24C3 on targeted attack patterns :

In essence, I looked into targeted attacks against the Falun Gong community, as they are still taking place today. I list some of the unique features (such as “domain parking”) some of these attacks have, and briefly touch on ways to better defend corporate networks. Naturally, there was too little time in one hour to cover it all. Finally, I show a small map that illustrates the complexity of a single attack series over a total of 8 months.

Being retired Army, I am a sucker for a good presentation and Maarten delivers in spades.


Want to share two more of the slides from his presentation because these pointed out that Maarten isn’t just a tech guy, he has researched Chinese strategy and truly understands it.  He also points out the targeting methodology of the attacks in the pre-attack stage.  This is something I have referred to as net reconnaissance, similar to probing operations.



Here is Maarten’s blog site, the rest of his presentation “Crouching Powerpoint, Hidden Trojan” and from the 243C conference (torrent vids included). Also, wanted to include this link to Chinese strategic thinking, Learning from the Stones.

Many thanks to Maarten for letting me share this!

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