Feb 26 2008

Chinese hackers…a dozen roses


This film came out on 19 June 2006, so it is a little old but has one, two or
three interesting things:

Title: Hacker Apocalypse

Running time: 67 minutes

Written by: Li Feng  (Who also wrote Hero)

Backed by: The famous Beijing amatuer film organization BAERXIU Movie Club

Plot:  Tieke, the proprietor of a computer company, is also the brains behind a secret hacker organization.  He accepts a large sum of money from an unnamed organization  to make preparations for a large-scale invasion campaign on the Japanese network using a virus he created called “The broken-hearted rose.”

The movie was not well received by some hackers and DVD fans…they hacked the movie’s website twice.

There was a TV show in 2002 on CCTV6 called the Rose hacker.

There is also a real Chinese Rose virus/trojan (rose.exe).  Jingtian talks a little about on the Kaspersky forum here.

Of course the most famous Chinese hacker Rose, the Withered.

Why all this? Not sure, but started to see a lot of refs in Chinese to 
rose hacker/virus this or that and now you have too.

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