Feb 09 2008

Chinese hackers hit “down under” the belt…

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From the Dark Visitor dated 2006:

Sectors where the financial interest of the (Red Hacker) alliance and the security interests of the state coincide could present even greater difficulties for outside industries to protect their trade secrets and keep them confidential. Take for example China’s rising energy needs and its worldwide search for energy resources. There are tremendous pressures exerted on the state to sustain the country’s economic momentum moving forward and to do that they must ensure a consistent and steady supply of fuel. The competition to secure finite resources such as oil and natural gas can be quite competitive and the methods to attain them could move far beyond those of traditional market mechanisms. Chinese hackers, working for personal gain, could find a lucrative market in the sale of information related to the petroleum industry and the state may be more inclined to turn a blind eye to the practice if it facilitated expansion of Chinese industrial interests.

Well, our Australian friends are starting to see this happen right now.

Chinese authorities are believed to be seeking information on subjects such as military secrets and the prices Australian companies will seek for resources such as coal and iron ore.

This will not be an isolated incident. Cyber protection of national energy resources needs to take a much higher priority. Look at the long-term needs of the country attacking and the list of targeted information becomes much clearer.

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2 Responses to “Chinese hackers hit “down under” the belt…”

  1. 回声on 13 Feb 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Personally I think this kind of thinking about threats to energy is overblown. Could it happen? sure. Is it likely? No.

    I want to make sure the USA avoids the evil spectre of McCarthyism invading its defense strategy. My personal feeling is that chinese patriots with information for sale are no different than US patriots with information for sale. If it’s important and relevant, the government will buy, otherwise not.

    The future of Chinese energy lies in the nuclear world, not the oil world. I think the USA has little competition coming from China in that regard.

  2. Heikeon 13 Feb 2008 at 9:40 pm

    The Chinese are certainly buiding Nuclear plants but it is no where near enough to run the country. There isn’t a technology on the horizon that can fill the bill to replace fossil fuels.

    As the available supply becomes depleted, the competion for these resources will increase and the methods to get them will move beyond traditional market competition.

    How can you simply dismiss the massive effort the Chinese are undertaking to keep the economic engine running with alternate suppliers of energy? Look at South America, Africa, Kazakhstan, the Spratlys, Diaoyu…etc, they are not looking to build nuclear plants there.