Feb 29 2008

Chinese hackers feature US Air Force Cyber Command

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While this registers about a zero-factor on my WOW o’meter, it does bring up one of my chief complaints, is there any reason I can’t Google “Chinese Cyber Command” in English and get almost 1,700 hits (which is what I got using Chinese to find US Cyber Command “美军成立“黑客”司令部“)? Oh yeah, we don’t do Chinese…@#$%!

The Chinese translation is actually US Military Establishes “Hacker” Command…so that is funny…but probably just to me.

The reason this “revelation” pegs absolutely nothing on my bar of “Oh my god they know!” is that the US Air Force has announced their new cyber command both far and wide. I also think it is a brilliant idea…one that the US Army should steal. Computers are ground-based operations and do not fly.

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