Feb 29 2008

Chinese hackers + Facebook + Buffer Overflow= Scupper?

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Rob Rachwald from Fortify Software on Facebook vulnerability:

“Fortify Software, the application vulnerability specialist, says that buffer overflows are at the heart of a series of hacks against the Facebook and MySpace social networking sites.

The bad news is that this exploit is being used in a hacker toolkit currently being offered for download on several Chinese language hacker sites, meaning that novices have been able to stage these attacks, and not just professional hackers,” he added.

Just want to add a couple of thoughts here:

  1.  When he says, “Several Chinese language hacker sites…” he really should add, “that thousands of Chinese hackers can download.” Using just the word several, sounds like only five or six guys/gals could find it.
  2. These guys aren’t novices, they get paid.  Some inexperienced yes, novices no.
  3.  Who uses the word scupper?

Verb 1. scupper – wait in hiding to attack

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