Feb 16 2008

Chinese hackers and the iPhone

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Just found some very good background information about China and hacking the iPhone at Nanfeng Oranges.

One of the big problems with the iPhone is that it lakes a Chinese input method. But, hardworking Chinese hackers have addressed this problem with a little piece of software called iCosta. Problem solved.

Kunzilla at West/East also has a very nice article on the China iPhone Underground Chain.

In fact, there is a huge community which provide tech support for iPhone. Some of them are for their own profit, some are only to have fun, some of them are to establish their names within the community. To call these tech lovers, product forums or even hackers, the largest and the most efficient R&D center, is very suitable. And they are doing a far better job than the engineers at Apple.

Kunzilla gives a more detailed report on the Chinese input program iCosta here.

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