Feb 20 2008

Chinese Hacker…Psst, I would really hate for something bad to happen to your little online game.


Reported a few days ago on Chinese hacker squeegee men and it seems like they are not very welcome in China.  An unidentified technology security company in Shanghai was busted for their unique brand of marketing.  A salesman would come calling and explain the horrors some online game companies experience through DDOS attack:


Oh, and did he forget to mention his company just happens to sell firewalls?  Probably a good idea to purchase this magic firewall because if you don’t, well a couple of days later…you experience those horrors he tried to protect you against.  Police decided to investigate and Manager Luo and Saleman Li were arrested.  Turns out, they were in it for the money.  Go figure.One section I couldn’t figure out involved a scene
talking about the Shanghai company and this website:


This is Chinahacker.com, a member of the Red Hacker Alliance, that I go to every now and then.  Exactly why they are used in the video to show where you can download DDOS attack software is still not clear, but no worries, I checked on the site and it is still up and running. Recent posts as of today, which is their yesterday…damn, International Dateline!

Full video of the story:

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