Feb 03 2008

Chinese hackers adopt “Brick and Squeegee” marketing technique

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Artwork from www.05112.com

Remember the old stories of New York squeegee men coming up to your car while stopped in traffic and cleaning your windshield? In one hand they had that filthy squeegee that actually made it harder to see out and in the other hand they held a brick.  The implications were very clear.

Well enter the hi-tech Chinese hacker squeegee men. According to an article at 05112.com, small Chinese businesses are now under attack from less than patriotic hackers. This type of situation first began about 5 years ago, when it was only internet bar operators who were blackmailed into paying internal Chinese hackers to get back their hijacked systems. Now, people posing as anti-virus programmers and system administrators are calling small business owners and telling them they can help solve some problems they noticed with the company’s computers. If the hacker isn’t “hired,” then a few days later, the small business owner finds his system under attack.

I wonder if Tom has heard of this?

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