Feb 08 2008

Best Defacement Ever by a Chinese Hacker!

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This is the hack of the Fangzheng broadband company (http://www.bnchina.com) that took place a little less than two years ago on 27 Feb 06. The hacker left behind his QQ number 32068601 and his Internet name of “Blowing Wind, Falling Night” (风吹夜落). The translation of the name may not be accurate. The hacker also left behind a message mocking the Fangzheng broadband company and ridiculing the proficiency of the staff.

Checking the user information on the QQ number revealed that the hacker
was a male surnamed Mao from Beijing.  Mao graduated from college as an engineer and his homepage was http://www.winmao.com.

Sina.com made attempts to contact both the hacker and the company but
could reach neither prior to publication.

The article continues but I really just wanted to show the cool picture he left behind.

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  1. 回声on 19 Feb 2008 at 10:37 am

    a sichuan person’s take on 风吹夜落:
    Wind blows, night comes
    The frightening feeling of silence behind the words, not the words themselves.