Jan 22 2008

Subprime Market Got You Down? Chinese Hacker’s Virtual Real Estate Going Through The Roof!

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Someone has to say it…I personally welcome our new Chinese hacker overlords:

During 2007, millions of home computers, Internet cafes, and corporate networks in China were affected by virus outbreaks. “This is an industry where profits are higher than real estate,” sighed Wang Lei, a Chinese computer virus vendor during his arrest.


The raging Worm.Nimayam outbreak covered China in two short months. The programmer, Li Jun, was arrested in February 2007 and sentenced to four years in prison, but that did not slow down the virus industry.

The virus acts like a Trojan horse. It is a small program similar to a phone-tapping device hiding in one’s computer. It picks up personal information, and thus hackers can manipulate the owner’s property (money) or virtual property (such as on-line gaming accounts, e-shopping).

Huigezi (win32.hack.huigezi)

In March 2007, a more powerful virus entered the virtual world: Huigezi. According to incomplete statistics, the direct impact of the Huigezi virus has reached over 20 million yuan (approximately US$2.7 million). One can only image how many accounts have been broken into by this virus and how much financial loss has been sustained throughout the country. Even now, Huigezi variants continue to endanger network security.

Read, your new bosses command it!

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