Jan 31 2008

Heikeba Update…Never hack inside China…Ever!

This was more than likely a message to the rest of the Red Hacker Alliance that we do not hack inside China or there will be consequences.  According to the video, it wasn’t just money that Heikeba was after but fame played a large part as well.  The downfall seems to have come when they decided to break into banks inside of China and steal from Chinese citizens.  That my friends is a no-no!


Also, it is not nice to attach Trojans to music and picture downloads.


This is the part I’m not completely clear on and if someone who has better ears than I do can provide clarification it would be really appreciated.  The police discovered that the site was spread out across 15 cities inside of China. Here is the difficult part, they found records on the site dealing with New York, London and Paris and something about logging into the sites at the same time which seemed impossible or only slightly possible.  There is some discussion of time-zones and logging into them at the same time.


Difficult to tell if they are saying Heikeba was responsible for hacking into
websites in these cities.  Hopefully, we can get a little help here.

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