Jan 21 2008

Chinese Hackers…I’m Not One to Complain…However,

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could we come up with something besides the Chinese flag.


This was a hack of the Matushita Electronics Company (panasonic.com.cn, that still seems to be down) website located in China by H4ck3rsBr.  The hacker uses all the prerequisite Japanese imperialism slogans and denouncements.  Internet security analyst Chen Sanyan thought it was probably a university student on vaction.  He stated that Winter and Summer breaks were their busiest times of the year.

A commenter on the defacement was kind enough to point to http://hi.baidu.com/h4ck3rsbr/blog/ as the possible source:


Some very interesting posts over at this website and it raises more questions than it answers. Here is a little sample:

The title of the post is “Playing with Monitors“. The person posting says that they having been playing with monitors in places like banks and fitting rooms and laughs about it. He let his friend watch and it really shocked him/her (no gender given). The rest of the post is about going out to watch girls sing, drink and smoke cigarettes. Interesting snaps with the post:


The site is filled with numerous types of exploits and the odd thing is, about half of them are written in English, very good English.  As an example:

Teaching John The Ripper how to Crack MD5 Hashes

2008年01月19日 星期六 05:41

Today I was playing around with the well known password cracking tool John

the Ripper (JtR) <http://www.openwall.com/john/> and was looking forward to

crack some MD5 hashes. Unfortunately, John still not supports raw-MD5 out of

the box and so I was searching the web for a solution. It took me some

minutes until I found out, that there are unofficial patches for John’s

source c

The profile page tells little more than the owner is a male, started the blog in March of 2007, last post on the 21st of Jan 08 and his affiliated links on Baidu.  Oh, and that he seems very festive with the Christmas/Winter theme.


The alternating English and Chinese posts really make me wonder if these aren’t diffent posters.  It might be that I’m a bit jealous of this person’s fantastic language abilities but just a gut feeling it is two people.  I should also add that there was little evidence that this person was responsible for the hack of the panasonic.com.cn…well, except that they use the same online name, certainly a hacker (sorry, security expert), and at least on Chinese national pointed to his website.  But still, not proof positive.

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