Jan 26 2008

Chinese Hackers and the 高考 (National College Entrance Exam)

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Think the SAT and GRE were a bear? Don’t even complain around a Chinese student taking the National College Entrance Exam, it is a make or break your life test.

 Tales are legion of parents taking leave for days before the exam and camping in hotels near exam venues, adding to the stress students are already under.

They don’t hesitate to cough up 10,000 yuan ($1,300) for tonics which are supposed to boost brain power and the immune system.

Some families even hire ‘nurses’ to look after test-taking progeny. Xiao Ling, a sophomore at Hainan Normal University and also an experienced home tutor and a good cook, became a ‘nurse’ last month in Haikou of South China’s Hainan Province.

The family paid her 2,000 yuan ($260) a month, roughly four times they would pay a domestic helper, asking her to help their 17-year-old son review his studies, chat with him to ease his pressure and to make nutritious meals.

Chinese hackers don’t see this as a time for high anxiety, just another way to make bank.

 And in another case, a gang of 11 people traveled around country promising students in 17 provinces places at universities, according to the public security bureau of Haikou, capital of the south island province of Hainan.

Three of the 11 suspects were still at large. The suspects forged the stamps and matriculation certificates of many universities, hired hackers to falsify computer enrollment records and pretended to be recruitment staff, police said.

It isn’t just the colleges that are having trouble with hackers, China’s military academies have also had to tighten controls.

It would also impose more serious punishment on academies and officials who violated the rules. These included, for instance, officials who leaked exam papers and hackers who attacked the enrolment in the computer network.

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