Jan 18 2008

Anti-Fan Chinese Hackers…Feel “The Crazy!”

Never heard of this, don’t know what to make of it, not sure I even care.  Anti-Fans, a phenomenon that began in Korea where large numbers of “Anti-Fans” seek to just trash and even poison celebrities.  Number one targets are singers and dancers.  So, the good news…it has spread to China!


This is the Taiwanese band F-4 and they got hacked by Chinese anti-fans for referring to Taiwan as a country while fiming a commercial for tourism.  (Have to admit, a lot of boy-bands here in the US could use a good hacking…just kidding…sort of.)


Chinese actress Zhao Wei targeted by Chinese anti-fans for…too much hotness? No, she wore the Japanese flag.


 Artist Wang Xinling, just a little too cutesy for some fans. They are anti-fans due to her winky-hand-movey antics on stage.


And for the most disturbing of all, they claim to be the Bin Laden for celebrities.

A posting at Sam, Saman, Samantha’s blog sums up my feelings quite well.  But, just because they seem to have gone way past the deep end of the pool, doesn’t mean they can’t make a semi-rocking video!  Enjoy (fair warning, the thing loads slow, slow, I mean really slow):

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