Jan 23 2008

3800hk.com China’s Largest Online Hacker School

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The Patriot’s Security Website (3800hk.com) was originally established in 2003 as the Black Hawk’s Red Hacker Base (3800cc.com).  Its founder, Li Qiang (李强), a.k.a Rice (大米), has turned the station into a Chinese hacker training industry that markets numerous lines of hacker training CDs, DVDs, online courses and manuals.


The profile above only lists Li as a lecturer and the station master is given as Stef:


However, in this interview with sina.com, Li Qiang is clearly identified as the true founder
of the organization:


According to 3800hk.com’s description, the company headquarters has 21 personnel, 9 temporary workers and 17 technicians:


Furthermore, the company has invested around US $83,000 dollars in hardware and equipment. It has 10 servers spread out in locations such as Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Guangzhou, Henan, Beijing and Shanghai.


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