Jan 11 2008

2007 Summary of Chinese Hacker Activity

Saw this article and had some reservations about posting it for a couple of reasons.  1) The title is Chinese Cyberwarfare which this most certainly is not.  You can classify them as cyber attacks, intrusions or whatever but this does not even come close to cyberwarfare.  2) This paragraph:

China’s information warfare expertise likely stems from a group that refers to itself as the “Red Hackers Alliance.” The Alliance operates as a government- or party-backed organization that specializes in network security, software development and patriotic hacker training.

The Red Hacker Alliance does not operate as government or even party backed organization. I will have an article published in Iosphere magazine in the next couple of months that refutes this entire idea.  Am I saying that the Chinese do not have a cyber militia or branch of the PLA that deals with hacking?  No, of course they do.  The US has a branch
of the military dedicated to cyber operation too.  However, the Red Hacker Alliance is not a part of the government or
the military. Will the alliance stay a civilian organization?  I don’t think so but that is for another day.

Didn’t mean to come down so hard on the article, it really is a pretty good summary of some of the 2007 Chinese hacker
attacks.  2007, Chinese hacker year in review.

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