Dec 12 2007

The Lonely Swordsman


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Thanks to the propensity of every organization to have their own wiki, I have finally been able to nail down the two founders of the “Ultra Right-Wing Chinese Hackers Opposed to Japan Alliance”. Yep, a mouthful. The group was established in the year 2000 and played a significant role in both the Sino-Japanese (2000) and Sino-US (2001) cyber conflicts. Here is a little on the group from my book provided by Chu Tianbi:

The year 2000 would bring both highs and lows for the Red Hacker Alliance. From late January to mid-February, a group calling themselves the “Ultra Right-Wing Chinese Hackers Opposed to Japan Alliance” claimed to have attacked some 30 Japanese web sites “belonging to the ministries, the prime minister, parliament, and the state planning agency.” This was in retaliation for what the hackers perceived as a denial of the Nanjing Massacre following the loss of a Japanese court case by Azuma Shiro. Azuma Shiro was a Japanese soldier who maintained a diary during WWII that recounted Japanese atrocities in Nanjing. The diary was published and his former superior immediately sued Shiro for libel. Shiro lost the case and subsequent appeals in 1998 and 2000. Their web site, located at Http://, posted an open letter to the Japanese government that stated:

“Let it be known that the objective of this alliance is to carry out savage attacks on the small number of Japanese mad-dogs on the net. The alliance is comprised completely of fervent patriotic Chinese net-worms.”

The site provided over 300 Japanese government URLs, the e-mail addresses of over 100 Japanese representatives, and dozens of the most effective hacker attack tools. Furthermore, the site explained how to use these tools to attack Japanese web sites. In an online interview with Computer Journal, a hacker calling himself “ROOT,” admitted that the paralysis of the web sites for the prime minister’s office, the Bureau of Statistics, and the Bureau of Science and Technology were his doing. ROOT complained that the attacks on Japanese web sites occurred because of dissatisfaction with the Japanese government’s far right denial of the historical facts of the Nanjing Massacre:

“I did absolutely everything by myself. The payback for little Japan didn’t require anyone else. I think I’ve done what anyone should have done as a Chinese person, and anyone else would have done this. I hope they connect what I’ve done with what happened in Osaka, giving a warning to the Japanese devils.”

What Chu Tianbi did not provide was the co-founder of the organization, an individual going by the online name of Janker. He is considered by most Chinese hackers to be one of their legends and constantly makes their top 10 list of all time hackers. According to Janker’s blog, his partner Badboy has passed away.

  1. Real Name: Wang Xianbing (王献冰)
  2. Online Name: Janker, Lonely Swordsman
  3. Organization:
  4. Age:
  5. Known Hacks:
  6. Summary: Graduated from Zhenzhou University with a double-major in mechanical design and business management. Leader in the Sino-Japanese and Sino-US cyber conflicts of 2000 and 2001 respectively. He has been a security consultant for the government, financial securities (institutes), banks and e-commerce in Shenzhen, Guanzhou, Shanghai and Beijing
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