Dec 03 2007

Javaphile, Buddhism, and…The Public Security Bureau?

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This hunt for Coolswallow of Javaphile begins, right here at our website…

On the 1st and 2nd of this month, the site started receiving a lot of traffic from the Shanghai Jiaotong University bulletin board. A poster going by the online name ericool linked to an article (UPDATE: ericool has removed the  link) previously posted here about Javaphile. Ericool said that the information I got about Javaphile was taken from his old website (he is absolutely correct) and since all that info came from Coolswallow’s blog…that means that Ericool is in fact…Coolswallow. A much earlier posting by Ericool in 2002 leaves little room for doubt (note the moniker circled in red at the bottom of the post):

The reasons I have been following Coolswallow, is that he was fairly active during the US and Chinese cyber conflict that occurred over the collision between a US EP-3 reconnaissance aircraft and a Chinese fighter. One of the characteristics that makes Coolswallow standout from the normal Chinese hacker is his scholarly work on Buddhism. It is a theme that has repeated itself throughout his writings and will be the primary cause for some speculation later in this search.

Started running some searches on ericool and found him linked to the Beasts of Burden Society, that is composed of graduate students from Jiaotong University. The society has been putting on a wide variety of academic seminars on various topics for the last two years.

(Image Removed upon request)

For their 2nd anniversary, the lecture was titled “Hacker in a nutshell” and was given by Peng Yinan (彭一楠). According to the press release, Peng Yinan is a security information consultant for the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and a senior hacker. Futhermore, he uses Vajracchedika-Sutra Buddhism to explain the characteristics of hackers. Hmm, suspicious… Here is one of the fliers for the lecture that took place at the Chen Ruiqiu building on the 31st of October, 2007:

Going to the Beasts of Burden (Not sure of this translation) website, it seems that Peng Yinan gave another lecture titled, “Hacker in a Nutshell” on 6 April 2006. Perhaps the 2007 lecture was revised and updated from this one (Peng Yinan’s name circled in red and notice the hyper links in blue):

The first of the hyper links goes to a powerpoint presentation and the second goes to a flash animation file. Click here to download the powerpoint (powerpoint presentation removed upon request). While the powerpoint is very interesting, the credits for the flash animation were even more so:

So, now we have a Public Security Bureau information security consultant, who is a senior hacker, credits on his flash animation of Coolswallow and is an expert on Buddhism.

Last two pieces. Ericool, aka Coolswallow, has a website associated with all of his postings The website has nothing to do with hacking, it is mainly about Buddhism. Of course the translations provided on Ericool’s website are by none other than

…Peng Yinan.

So you tell me, Coolswallow, Ericool, and Peng Yinan the same guy? Last little bit:

Peng Yinan Giving Hacker In A Nutshell Lecture

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  1. oldhuon 04 Dec 2007 at 3:41 am

    very good,very power

  2. Pneuma Collegiumon 04 Dec 2007 at 4:47 am

    It’s interesting, but your use of the logo( and the ppt( and the photo( & Pneuma Collgium is without permission. It’s an infringement of Pneuma Collegium’s copyright. I suggest you delete them from your blog and leave an link at most.

  3. Heikeon 04 Dec 2007 at 5:48 am


    Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Heikeon 04 Dec 2007 at 10:34 am

    Pneuma Collegium,

    Sorry your comment was held for moderation, I only allow a limited number of links to be posted in the comments section before they need approval. The comment has been added.

    First, wanted to direct you to two articles that describe US law as it relates to copyright material: Title 17, S. 107 (Fair Use) under US code and the Report to Congress on Fair Use on the Internet (Fair Use in a Nutshell) No, I did not miss the irony (quirk of fate stuff) in the last title.

    I would argue that the entire article helps to establish chain-of-events in an investigative piece. However, I do agree that the Pneuma Logo and ppt were probably already established in the piece and could be considered redundant. They will be removed immediately with my apologies. As for the last one, it seems clear that it falls well within the scope of “fair use” under the caveat for journalism.

    Hope this helps,