Dec 06 2007

Chinese Hackers Adsense Pros

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Well, this is kind of fun. Yesterday, we had a chance to look at the underground economy of the Chinese web and today we get to see a small portion of the above ground economy.

Also, for those of you who truly understand Adsense, could you please give me a little analysis on these numbers? Even with the difference in what people are probably charged in China for Adwords, the payouts seem really small compared to the clicks they are getting.


Went to, site of the Patriotic Hacker, and came across a training course on how to increase your Adsense bucks. is one of the largest and most popular of the Chinese hacker websites. From what I can tell, they also are some of the best marketers in the business. Their ad on their site reads like most of the testimonials you would see on any US commercial for making a million dollars in real estate.

WARNING: The link below is for a Chinese hacker website!

Notice for the beginning of a training course on how to make money on the internet

“After studying how to make money on the internet, most of our members have already earned a barrel of money. The cropped images below reveal the amount of income that members from this site have earned after taking the course.”

Chinese hackers adsense money

Chinese hacker adsense money

Chinese hacker adsense money

There are more of these on the website but I figured this should be enough to give you a flavor of what they are earning.

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