Dec 27 2007

Chinese Hacker Interviews Hack in the Box Founder

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  Started surfing Baidu and ran across this 2006 interview with Dhillion Andrew Kannabhiran (a.ka. L33tdwag), CEO and founder of Hack in the Box. The discussion was conducted by superlone, a member of Eviloctal (Chinese hacker group) and was sort of funny, weird, chilling, uncomfortable…  It is a bit longish but I think well worth the read.

Here is my favorite part:

superlone: as for chinese secuirty industry,how much do you know about it?about chinese hackers and the level of chinese hackers?

L33tdawg: well on the industry aspect i don’t really know for chinese hackers we are affiliated with XFOCUS which imho has some of the best researchers.remember that it was the XFOCUS guys who were the first to turn LSD’s RPC DCOM research into a working exploit targetting all Chinese version of Windows.

superlone: what other chinese seucurity groups or communities do you know besides XFOCUS?

L33tdawg:apart from XFOCUS, i know you are from i’m sure there are many, but seeing that i do not read or speak Chinese, it is a bit difficult to make contact.

Ahh, fun with Chinese hackers. Continue reading…or not.

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