Dec 18 2007

China Breeding New Race Of Super Hackers!! I Kid You Not.

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Well possibly…

What happens when two of China’s historic Trojan designers marry? Yes, guy and girl hacker.  My guess is the next generation of Uber Hackers is soon to be born. It was bound to happen eventually, so let me introduce the happy couple:


  1. Real Name: Huang Xin (黄鑫)
  2. Online Name: Glacier (冰河)
  3. Organization:,
  4. Age: 29 (In 2007)
  5. Known Hacks: Developed the Glacier Trojan, China’s most popular
  6. Summary: Graduated from Xi’an Electronic Sci-Tech University. Married to Chinese female hacker Wollf. In 2006, he was 28 years old and a resident of Guangxi. Godfather of the Chinese Trojan.

WOLLF (Bride)

  1. Real Name: Wang Juan (王娟)
  2. Online Name: Wollf
  3. Organization: Unknown
  4. Age: 27 (in 2007)
  5. Known Hacks: Developed the Wollf Trojan
  6. Summary: Born in Sichuan and has worked in a Hainan Network Comapany. The mother of Chinese Trojans.

Both added to Top Chinese Hackers

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