Nov 17 2007

Patriotic Virus? NOT GOOD!

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Patriotic Virus? NOT GOOD!


        While as English speakers were are being given a temporary reprieve, I wouldn’t count on that holding. The time it takes to convert the virus to smashing computers with registry in English..5,4,3,2 boom!




         The article below suggests this is not a good English translation (Your luck’s so good!) for the caption but I think it is better than the one they provide. Based off the Chinese text I was able to locate on the virus, probably the best translation would be would be, “You are very lucky!”




        This picture was sans caption and a little harder to translate but is something like, “You sure aren’t pretty but you are very patriotic!”

Many of the Chinese websites do refer to this as the “Patriotic Virus,” but it has also been rendered, “The Angry Youth” Virus (愤青病毒).

          (From China Digital Times) Recently, a special “intelligent” virus has emerged from the Chinese Internet. This Win32/KillDPT virus can decide to suspend the operating system or create intrusive damage based on different languages used on the computer, to ensure the use of the simplified Chinese character system. Some bloggers call it “the patriotic virus.”

According to a Beijing anti-virus center, the virus will first read the registry keys and judge the operating system type. If it is a simplified Chinese operating system, the virus will automatically withdraw from the operation and have no effect on the computer. If it uses Japanese or Indonesian language operating systems, the the virus will destroy the hard disk by filling the computer with garbage data and restarting the system. The result is the computer becomes completely paralyzed. If it is an English system, the sentence, “Your luck’s so good!” will pop up on the screen (This is obvious Chinglish; the literal translation should be “you’ll be very lucky”.)

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