Nov 17 2007

More…Where are they now?

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More…Where are they now?




        Meet Lion (true name Lin Yong), a Chinese hacker who at the age of 22, established the Honker Union of China in 2000. At that time, he had only a little over one year of Internet experience. After leading his faction in many cyber conflicts, he would disband his organization in 2004. He was also responsible for coining the word “Honker” as a term to identify the group to Westerners. So, where is he today? Couldn’t find him on World of Warcraft like his buddy Goodwell but I did check out a few links on his old blog and it looks like he was still working at XSec (We are Red Hat) as late as December of 2006. Lion also used the online name of nop, that I believe stands for “no operation” in computer programmer ease. In this screenshot (modified to fit better), we can see nop’s posts on the site:


The site also left an e-mail address for him at



    Couldn’t find anything more recent. Guess I could drop him an e-mail and ask what he was up to but…I don’t think I would dare open up any reply he sent. Oh well.

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