Nov 17 2007

Hunt for a hacker

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Hunt for a hacker

First stop is the website, exactly nothing like the other Zone-h. It collects screenshots of websites hacked both inside and outside of China. Even though their banner claims to be only of Chinese hacked websites.


While looking around the site I notice the Top 10 teams located on the left side. When you click on one of the teams it lists all of the website hacks they have submitted; not the ones the have hacked…cough…just submitted. This is clearly stated at the bottom in the disclaimer. They have simply been in the vicinity of the hacking or heard about it and reported the incident. You might even call them good citizens.


The Wuhan Cyber Police let me know they were watching. Fear inspiring.


The team in the number two position, C.H.K. listed a lot of submissions from a guy named 无情的风 Merciless wind.

Right in the middle of Merciless’ submissions were a couple posted by Young Guns. These seemed oddly out of place, just stuck right there in the middle of all of his postings.


The hacked website was the Fuzhou News Net and there was an unusual message left behind the hacker: 贵站有漏洞.请及时修补.无 任何数据破坏

“This website has a loophole. Please patch it immediately. There hasn’t been any data destruction.”

Told you, fine citizens just helping keep the Chinese network safe. I guess a phone call or e-mail just doesn’t leave the same impact as seeing your website defaced. You really get the point.

There was also a website listed in the defacement for


Okay, let’s cram all of this (无情的风 c.h.k. young guns into a Google search and see what we get. Only one website pops up and it is the blog of a guy named Merciless Wind.


Meciless’ website has all kind of link-love for other hacker websites, stuff about SQL injection…blah,blah,blah. And, a section for photos…


That is Mr. Merciless to you!


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