Nov 17 2007

Founding of Javaphile(2000)

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UPDATE 1 Dec 2007: Developing…where are they now.



Javaphile Defacement of Taiwan’s Lite-On Corporation


The group Javaphile was established in September 2000 by two Chinese hackers going by the online names of Coolswallow and blhuang (Liang Huang). All members of the group were said to be students of Jiaotong University in Shanghai. The group was later joined by thomasyuan who specialized in Unix programming. Initially the group was merely for Java language enthusiasts as the name implies. This attracted few members, since the Java language had only just been introduced to the country. Coolswallow joined the Red Hacker Alliance following the 2001 collision between the US reconnaissance aircraft and the PRC fighter. Coolswallow and thomasyuan would later initiate a program to reorganize the group into a hacker web site. Some notoriety was gained by the group in 2002 for the defacement of Lite-On, a Taiwanese IT company.

From Coolswallow’s blog


An examination of Javaphile, from the introduction of its web site to the defacements of Lite-On, Fox T.V., and others attacks show something slightly different from the normal Red Hacker Alliance cell. The graphics, language, and structure used by the group are not typical when compared to the majority of Chinese hacker web sites. The group’s homepage shows a picture of a Buddha head surrounded by tree roots, probably taken at Ayuthaya, Thailand. Coolswallow’s personal blog also contains references to Buddha and his/her personal translations and explanation of Tibetan Pali Buddhist engraved incantations.

Pali Buddhist incantations from Coolswallow’s blog



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