Nov 17 2007

Enjoy the sound of Chinese hacker music!

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This first cut is the best; you can practically feel the patriotic blood stir. It comes from the website, and is titled 黑客联盟背景音乐 (Hacker Alliance Background Music). It is carried on a number of the hacker websites.

Click here to listen (Hacker Alliance Background music)

This next one is the theme song from China Eagle Union. It is called, 黑夜的力量 (Power of the Night). Here are the Chinese and English lyrics:

我们在黑夜里逆风飞行 我们是黑 夜里的中国之鹰 我们用黑夜里黑 色的眼睛迎接光明的来临 我们在网 络里自由飞行我们是网络里的中国 之鹰我们用网络里寂寞的黑夜迎接 黎明的来临感受黑夜的力量用我黑 色的眼睛热血在黑夜里慢慢凝聚希 望在黑夜中寻觅我们是中国的鹰派 我们要做中国的精英不管敌人的盾 牌是多么的坚硬我们要让他知道我 们的锐利我们是中国的鹰派我们要 做民族的精英所有正义的人们给了 我们力量和勇气我们会永远战斗不 息

“We are flying against the wind in the night. We are the China Eagles of the night. We use our black night eyes to greet the approaching light. We are flying freely through the net. We are the China Eagles of the net. We use the lonely nighttime of the net to greet the approaching daybreak. Feel the power of the night. Use my black eyes. The hot-blood slowly thickens in the night. Searching for hope in the middle of the night. We are the China Eagles. We want to be the elite of China. It doesn’t matter how hard the enemy’s shield is, we want him to know our sharpness. We are the China Eagles. We want to be the elite of the nation. All the just people have given us strength and courage. We can fight forever and never rest.”

Note on the translation: The “dark eyes” might be translated as “hacker eyes” I finally decided on dark eyes for the translation but still switch back and forth…sigh.

Brought to you by our good friend Wan Tao (Leader of China Eagle Union):


Click here to listen (China Eagle Theme Song)

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