Nov 17 2007

Chinese Hackers…Capitalists?

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Chinese Hackers…Capitalists?

Magazine published By HackerXfiles and Hacker Defense Online published by


Given the popularity of hacking in China, there is a large market for magazines and books about the subject. Who better to provide these products than the hackers themselves? HackerXfiles produces a hacker magazine with a CD that retails for nine RMB or US $1.10. sells their magazine, Hacker Defense Online for 19.80 RMB or US $2.45.

Even Movie Deals?

On 23 August 2005, Chinese Educational Television reporter, Wang Zhonglang, interviewed RedHacker stationmaster Sharp Winner about his new book The Turbulent Times of the Red Hackers. During the course of the discussion, Sharp Winner made some interesting comments on the reasoning and commerciality of the enterprise. He stated that the original plan was to have the book published on their web site. However, after further consideration, he wanted to make it available to everyone so they could better understand the hacker culture. The theme of the book revolves around the Red Hacker Alliance defending the country against a large-scale computer attack, to include an overseas spy ring.

When asked about the book becoming a movie, Sharp Winner admitted that he was involved in negotiations with investors and if it could be settled, he would ask Zhang Yimou, one of China’s most famous directors, to shoot the film. He also detailed his plan to market numerous Red Hacker souvenirs, to include hats, T-shirts, sunglasses and even the props used in the movie. Asked about what was going on with the group, Sharp Winner replied that the group had established a club and future projects included promoting Red Hacker training and more books. Pictured below is the RedHacker club logo:


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