Nov 17 2007

Chinese Hackers Using Youtube for Training?

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Chinese Hackers Using Youtube for Training?

Well at least the Chinese version of Youtube…

        Decided to look at different methods the Red Hacker Alliance might use for for communications and in searching was introduced to From most accounts, Youku is one of about five versions of Chinese Youtube. In the past, all of my research into Chinese hackers has been done by looking at hacker web sites and I feel a little foolish that I haven’t thought of looking at sites like this before…sigh. Putting in the a simple search of 黑客 (hacker), Youku returned 1,173 hits and 680 related videos. Most of the videos were of the movie Matrix, Chinese hackers love that movie but there were also quite a few instructional videos on hacking techniques.

        The video below was posted by “Yousea” and gives the process for creating a hacker dictionary using a program called netXeyes.


        Being a linguist, I have no idea if this a sophisticated program or not. What is important here is that the hackers are using different methods for training. They have sold DVDs and downloads to train for quite some time but this is certainly an expansion into other areas.

netXeyes is located at


        Of course this is probably also done to increase visibility, promote products and gather more members. It doesn’t seem to be too widespread at the momemnt but does need to be monitored.

        Typing in the English word hacker brought back 41 hits and 5 related videos. One of the videos was produced by (a prominent member of the Red Hacker Alliance) showing how to use of the scanner program X-scan. Hackervip produced several of the videos on Youku.

Hackervip’s web site is located at


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