Nov 17 2007

Chinese hacker issues warning

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Chinese hacker issues warning


Skytalk’s hack of Taiwanese web site




The evening of 18 March 2000 would see another wave of offensive attacks against the Taiwanese following the election of pro-independence presidential candidate Chen Shuibian. A hacker calling himself Sky Talk left the following message:

“Sky Talk here. I’m from Zhejiang, but I am working outside of the province. My monthly salary is 800 Renmenbi (RMB). I’m not poor, and not rich. I wear warm clothes and eat well enough. I’m a normal person, one of the common herd, of no social standing at all. I didn’t even go to high school! Altering the pages of a few Taiwanese web sites was done completely out of rage! If you want to split up China, I think every Chinese person feels just like me when it comes to this attitude! You’re attacking our web sites in China, and last night there was even a ‘cute’ so-called ‘hacker’ who was interested in the HTTPD of my personal computer. Ha ha‚Ķhis IP address was (address deleted). You can see that I don’t need to explain the intensity of your attack on me! Let me give a warning! I have stopped cracking Taiwanese host computers, but when I heard about your counterattacks and the destruction of several Chinese web sites, my patience has limits. Last night I entered your host computers for National Defense. I’d planned to do a deltree/y c:\, but then I thought that this might start a hacker war! Considering that this would benefit no one, I exited Telnet and closed the port, and may have closed port 80 at the same time (I’m terrible at this! : )) I’m putting up a gallery! I hope that you can leave this dispute behind!!”

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