Nov 17 2007

Chinese Hacker Documentary

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Chinese Hacker Documentary

        The documentary below was posted on Youku (Chinese Youtube) in May of 2007. It is a CCTV 10 documentary that features Wan Tao, the leader of China Eagle, covering the history of the Red Hacker Alliance. The clip is 36 minutes long, so I’m not going to translate it but I did want to post it to show an example of what we can learn using open source information. All of the history that he talks about here is covered in my book but it is interesting to note how open they are about the subject. You can see just about all the defacements seen in the video at the my Flickr site located on the right in the navigation buttons.

        If you are just interested in seeing an honest to goodness famous Chinese hacker, Wan Tao begins speaking at 2 minutes 24 seconds into the video and then throughout. Warning, it loads really slow. One of the other reasons I don’t want to spend a lot of time translating.


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