Nov 12 2007

China’s most famous hacker playing World of Warcraft



The Green Army was founded by a Shanghai hacker going by the online name of Goodwell, it was reported to have had a membership of around 3,000 people from Shanghai, Beijing, and Shijiazhuang. The other four key members of the group went by the pseudonyms Rocky , Dspman (HeHe), Solo, and LittleFish. It also attracted others, considered to be part of China’s first generation hackers, the likes of Xie Zhaoxia, Brother Peng, PP (Peng Quan), Tian Xing (Cheng Weishan), IceWater (Huang Lei), and Little Rong. The group disbanded in 2000 and its rise and fall was described as “confusing” by insiders who consider it one of the enduring symbols of the Chinese hacker movement. The Green Army is said to have hacked “uncountable foreign web sites.” Indeed, many of China’s top hackers were past members of this group.

So, where is he now you ask? Apparently he is spending quite a bit of time playing World of Warcraft and doing a bang up job. In an interview with, Goodwell was congratulated for his world record breaking move from level 60 to 70 in under 24 hours. There were some details in the article about how he achieved this feat but it had a bunch of World of Warcraft stuff I don’t understand…but he did it…without hacking…he said. During the interview,which was conducted in September of 2007, he intruduced himself as the founder of the Green Army Hacker Organization Goodwell (Real name Gong Wei).

Screen name: Silver Dragon

Real name: Goodwell (Gong Wei)

Occupation: Hunter

Faction: Tribe

Server: 7th Region? An Geluo

Guild: Green Base

Apparently, there were some problems when his guild (over 2,000 players) was located on the 5th Region server (Unsure of the the translation for servers as regions) for moving up too quickly in ranking. So, they changed their name from the Chinese for Green Army Corps to the English word Greenbase. He Just can’t seem to let go of the old days…and that should scare you WOW players.

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