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Nov 29 2007

The Return of Goodwell (龚蔚)

CAUTION: I usually do not link directly to hacker websites for one reason, I don’t want people getting something nasty uploaded to their machines. This is that don’t try this at home warning. I am going to link directly to Goodwell’s blog but I still do not suggest you follow it unless you are sure you know what you are doing.

Reported several days ago about Goodwell’s online gaming in Worlds of Warcraft and figured that might be the end of it. However, got a visit on the website from and decided to see what was up:


Logo for the Green Army Corps

The site’s BBS has a large number of participants; the screenshot below does not even capture the full membership. Only copied out the two columns that show the TOPICS and the number of POSTS to give you an idea of the size:


Scrolled down the BBS a little farther and there was a blog listed for…drum roll… Continue Reading »

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Nov 29 2007

Less than 24hrs later…

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NEW CHRISTMAS ATTACK with tens of thousands of domain names mostly registered in China.

Does this mean I was right…sadly, no! But, I am feeling strangely happy about the whole prediction thing.

Just read it. 

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Nov 28 2007

United Nations Site Hacked by Self-Appointed Chinese Loophole Finder




        Located this screenshot on and it seemed a little unusual. Our Chinese hacker, named ?Tom?, has hacked the UN Statistics Division website and failed to leave any sort of patriotic message. Over at his website


        Tom Dong, headquarters located in Shenyang, holds the record as far as I can tell for the boldest Chinese hacker on the web. He doesn’t stop there, he is a man on a mission. It seems Tom and his group perform spot inspections on different groups in the Red Hacker Alliance and other Chinese websites to see if they can find problems.


This list indicates they conducted security inspections on:

  1. China Black Hawk Union
  2. The Red Wolf Network Security Organization
  3. Hacker Animation
  4. The New Century Network
  5. Online Download Net
  6. CCTV

There were more Red Hacker Alliance sites listed but I decided to look at the one marked Online Download Net since it had been checked by Tom and wow… Continue Reading »

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Nov 28 2007

Developing….Chinese hackers preparing Xmas attacks?

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Looks like we all might be getting coal this year. Post later today.

UPDATE: Looks like the story has devolved and only I will be getting coal this year.  The post I was originally following about a new Christmas virus posted on November 17th of this year, was actually a reprint of the Chinese Christmas e-mail virus that was released last year in a flash animation.   Bottom line…I blew it.

However, I will go out on a limb and say it is only a matter of weeks before I post another story about a new Chinese Christmas virus, since they have basically released one every year for the last several.

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Nov 27 2007

Evolution of the Chinese Hacker Green Army

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        March of 2000 witnessed the breakup of the Green Army, the organization that started the Chinese Red Hacker movement. In July, cooperation between controlling parties deteriorated and their commercial enterprise ended up in court with both parties suing. The legal battle also saw mutual hacking attacks against one another. In August, the legal case was decided in favor of the Beijing Green Alliance and Shen Jiye. The Shanghai Green Alliance, led by founder Goodwill, owed the Beijing faction 300,000 Yuan (approximately US $36,720) and was forced to turn over the domain Regarding the cause of the break-up, there are two versions of the story.


        The first version is that Beijing Green Alliance was well along in commercialization and did not want to turn back to freelance hacking that was advocated by members of the Green Army of the Shanghai Green Alliance. Apparently, Goodwill wanted to be the first non-profit network security organization in China but others (probably Shen Jiye), saw it as a commercial venture. Eventually, the profit motive won out. Continue Reading »

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Nov 27 2007

What’s in a name…Well, it get’s your damn website hacked that’s what!

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        Hackers eating hackers! Great stuff. In May of this year, one Chinese hacker guy wanted to register with as the “Professional Pervert”. Site admin was having none of it and told him that the name “Professional Pervert” was not allowed. Well Mr. Arrogant, kiss your website goodbye in… 5,4,3,2,1:


        Moral of the story, never piss off a guy who’s mad computer hacking skills are better than yours. The rest of the article is an interview with “Professional Pervert” explaining how he was able to deface the site. He explains in step-by-step detail how he accomplished this using a MAC ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) attack. Not a clue. Antionline may have summed it up here, or posted a chicken soup recipe for all I know…didn’t understand their stuff either.

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Nov 25 2007

People’s Armed Police Officer Hacking?

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The following is the defacement of the Japanese site by a Chinese hacker named Sunwear. He used English on some lines and Chinese on others, but here is the translation with one line omitted :

(English) Hi

(Chinese) You Japanese pigs

(English) Fuck All Japan Gril (18-20)

(Chinese) I represent all the PRC men who fuck all your pretty Japanese girls from ages (18-20).

(This line illegible)

(Chinese) You all took over 300 slaves from China. I Sunwear swear that I will hack 3000 Japanese websites

(English) Destroy Japan!!!!!!

(English) By China Sunwear E-Mail (Chinese) Chinese people look, if you have a patriotic heart add my QQ 625185 and later when there is a site to hack I will give you a call.


Tracked down his website at and did some checking around. There are only six personal pictures on the site and all appear to be the same male. Two pictures drew my attention:



The uniform he is wearing is that of the People’s Armed Police; a quasi military organization, protection of the party, and has recently started moving into anti-terror stuff. Hard to see detail but the rank insignia seems to be that of a 2nd Lieutenant.


My guess is that it is not his official duty to hack into Japanese websites, just a 2nd Lt doing what they all do… getting into more trouble than they can get out of.

UPDATE 26 Nov: After looking at the two pictures and thinking about it some more, he just may be trying on the uniform of his buddy. I don’t know, that haircut just has me thinking not in regs.

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Nov 24 2007

Russia, China espionage in Germany

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This article kind of hints around at a subject Jumper and I have been having on the link between Chinese and Russian hackers. The recent move of the Russian Hacker mob to China, along with this article showing both Chinese and Russian espionage in Germany, continues to suggest they are dancing around each other but never quite linked together.  For me it is just a gut feeling that they are linked. I haven’t found anything that shows the groups working together but…

Russia, China espionage in Germany

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Nov 23 2007

Feel Really Good About Your CAPTCHA Security…Don’t!

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Hat-tip again to Jumper!

Jeff Atwood, at Coding Horror, has an excellent post on CAPTCHA tech and how it is implemented. He includes a section on a Chinese hacker who has posted a price list based on the probability of breaking different encoding. Well worth the read here.

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Nov 23 2007

The News with Mei Li

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