Oct 21 2007

China Eagle Union

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Wan Tao

Wan Tao

In April of 2000, Wan Tao joined sina.com’s Naval and Merchant Ships Forum with the online name of China Eagle in response to a posting by a person named Bailing who called for the establishment of a China Eagle club. Between the 19th and 21st of May, he made postings about the delay tactics used by advocates of Taiwanese independence and organized the “Anti-Taiwanese Movement of China Eagle Union.” In September, he participated in China’s first network security hobbyist conference at the Dragon Spring Hotel in Beijing and gave a speech called “Building Hacker Culture with Chinese Characteristics,” that was said to have defined the goals and direction of the Chinese hacker culture. The Chinawill web site was redesigned in October of 2000, and the members of the China Eagle Union finally had “a home online.” In December, Wan Tao attended the “Network Era Patriotism Discussion” held in Nanjing.

China Eagle even composed a theme song for their organization titled Power of the Night.

Power of the Night
Lyrics: By China Eagle Union’s LiZi


“We are flying against the wind in the night. We are the China Eagles of the night. We use our black night eyes to greet the approaching light. We are flying freely through the net. We are the China Eagles of the net. We use the lonely nighttime of the net to greet the approaching daybreak. Feel the power of the night. Use my black eyes. The hot-blood slowly thickens in the night. Searching for hope in the middle of the night. We are the China Eagles. We want to be the elite of China. It doesn’t matter how hard the enemy’s shield is, we want him to know our sharpness. We are the China Eagles. We want to be the elite of the nation. All the just people have given us strength and courage. We can fight forever and never rest.”

China Eagle forced the shudown of the “Water Lilly Association,” a web site for Taiwanese independence, after placing a defacement showing Taiwanese Vice President Lu’s head pasted on a Play Boy.

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